Best Sun Tan Accelerator Oil For Men

Unleash your fastest, darkest man tan with Melanoboost!

Melanoboost is the go-to tanning product for guys as it effectively addresses what other tanning oils lack. Its unique formula contains biomimetic peptides which accelerate the natural tanning process with minimal sun exposure, and its light consistency and fast absorbency rate make it easy to apply, providing a seamless and convenient tanning experience.

The Melanoboost Peptide Complex helps boost the body’s natural melanin production and activate the natural tanning process when used in the lead up to UV exposure. Melanin is the pigment which makes our skin tan; the more abundant our melanin levels are before we head outdoors, the faster and darker we are able to tan with less time in the sun.

Within this blog post we share a selection of the most informative and honest feedback from men who have used Melanoboost over the years, collected from the numerous verified customer reviews we have received.

"I brought the yellow bottle of Melanoboost tanning oil and my god, you have to try it to believe how good this stuff is. I had tan lines after my first tanning session and brown really quickly. Would totally recommend this to anybody looking for a nice tan."
Dayle S
"I was very sceptical about this product, because out of all the oils/ tan enhances that Ive tried (which didn't work).. this product is by far the best I've used to date. I simply applied and forgot, even if I was at work, mowing the lawns, or simply going shopping. The (15-30minutes) in the sun with this product on. Really changed things. This oil is a game changer people."
Jim P
"Best tan and it's not even Summer yet!!! - Used it for short burst of sun exposure and cannot believe how dark I already have gotten and summer isn't even here yet in the US."
Jason S 

Melanoboost Peptide Sun Tan Oil results 

Looking beyond the power of the peptide, guys also reveal that they love Melanoboost Peptide Sun Tanning Oil for its light consistency and skin conditioning benefits.

Melanoboost Peptide Sun Tanning Oil is a top choice among men for its lightweight and silky texture. Many have reported that the oil's consistency makes it easy to spread, even on hairy areas such as the arms and legs. Additionally, its fast absorbency rate leaves a dry, non-greasy finish on the skin. From application, Melanoboost Peptide Sun Tanning Oil quickly and deeply penetrates to provide all-day moisture, keeping the skin soft, supple and healthy. The formula is also rich in vitamins and antioxidants, conditioning the skin while providing photo-protection against sun damage.

"This stuff is the best oil I have ever tried and I have tried sooo many!! It's not even summer yet and I look like I've just came back from over seas! The smell is amazing! It smells identical to Lancome's La vie est belle with out the expensive price tag ,) And my skin has never been so hydrated while being at the beach and then even after coming home and showering, it never feels dried out from the sun! Above all this is the first tanning oil that actually goes into the skin and doesn't leave an oily residue on the skin! I can finally tan at the beach without being coated in sand looking like a cinnimon doughnut!! Keep up the amazing work, your product shits all over the fox tan!!' Sincerely, Customer for life."
Andrew C

"From putting it on I could tell I was going to be happy with it. It feels really nice and absorbs really well. I don't normally tan easily but could see a difference on my arms after being in the sun for only a little while. I've already bought a second bottle and will be buying more and more."
Mathew P

"Dubious about trying this as it had so many 5 star reviews. BUT. I couldn't help my curious self and purchased it and have been using it over the last month and the tan is next LVL. This stuff is the goods. I have seriously never tanned so fast in my life."
Mark H

Also a hit with guys is Melanoboost's subtle yet refreshingly sophisticated scent. 

No coconuts here! Melanoboost sun tan oil is infused with our signature summer luxe scent that both men and women love as it’s neither feminine nor masculine; it’s a unisex scent that’s refreshingly sophisticated.

“Once again amazing - This is my second bottle, and it won't be the last. It goes on so easily and absorbs leaving a lovely scent. A little sun exposure and I can already see a difference”. 
Mathew P

"I spent a week in Bali on holidays, I must say using melanoboost was amazing, it took a day or two to get going and honestly I was naughty and did use it without sunscreen after the second day.... I got a heap of compliments on the scent also, skin is soft and with an even, beautiful color! Beautiful! Highly recommended!"
Michael C

The packaging is pretty cool too.

Bold and bright, Melanoboost Suntan Oil is packaged in a minimalist, square-edged bottle with a clever “rubber effect” finish, so not only does it look sleek, it won’t topple over or slip through your hands when your using it.

"Just the beginning to my new addiction. Love the packaging. Love the smell, love the ease of applying it and then the benefits of using this is amazing. I can't wait to take it away with me on my future holidays( Bali and Hawaii) to get full benefits from it."
Troy T
“Omg I loved using melanoboost Im currently getting a class tan without having to sit in the sun for too long. It's great it because it dries in and doesn't leave you feeling greasy and the rubber effect bottle is so handy 1st class thanks melanoboost."
David M

SIZE does matter!

Melanoboost is a big 160ml compared to most sun tan oils which are capped at around 110ml. In addition, its light consistency allows a little product to go a long way, so you’ll be tanning long into summer.

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